Sparky's Green Rides has itBike for on the water


itBike for on the water

Simply genius, the itBike is a floating bicycle that steers and peddles like a bike. At Sparky’s Green Rides we can’t get them in fast enough. Our store in Crystal River, Florida is a perfect location with endless on-the-water fun opportunities. Along with amazing bicycling trails and places to ride, this area offers rivers, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico for water fun.

The itBike is a floating bike and is available in both one and two person styles and is available in several colors. If you love bicycling and the water the itBike is perfect for you.

Fun and sun go together so it makes sense to enjoy both and get exercise all in one. The revolutionary itBike is something you will enjoy year after year. Quality sturdy construction and superior engineering make the itBike the choice in water bikes.

In the Nature Coast Area? Several locations rent our itBikes. Call Sparky’s Green Rides for current availability.

We appreciate customer feedback!

“Florida sandspurs can be hard on my tires so when I have a problem I go to Sparky’s Green Rides for help.”

James Rutgar, Inverness, FL

“I have been riding for years and was glad to meet the people at Sparky’s. They have a nice store and are knowledgeable.”

John Hampton, Sugarmill Woods, FL

“My doctor told me to exercise or my health would get worse. That day I bought a trike from Sparky’s Green Rides. They were great!”

Marguerite Wagner, Homosassa, FL