Sparky's Green Rides has new and used bicycles

New and Used Bicycles

Buy, Sell, Trade In, Trade Up

There are as many bike styles as there are individuals. Size, shape, color, design, quality, comfort, and purpose all play a role in deciding what bicycle to buy. A trail or off-road rider certainly isn’t going to look at beach cruisers and a bicycle commuter may be interested in an electric bike. We have a large selection of new and used bicycles for any need or purpose.

Some people want a used bike and are more comfortable making sure they will use a bike enough to justify buying a new one. Most often we see families who buy for their kids and invest in quality bicycles and bring them back to upgrade.

Our Trade In and Trade Up program allows quality bike owner an opportunity to get new equipment knowing their previous purchase still has value.


We appreciate customer feedback!

“Florida sandspurs can be hard on my tires so when I have a problem I go to Sparky’s Green Rides for help.”

James Rutgar, Inverness, FL

“I have been riding for years and was glad to meet the people at Sparky’s. They have a nice store and are knowledgeable.”

John Hampton, Sugarmill Woods, FL

“My doctor told me to exercise or my health would get worse. That day I bought a trike from Sparky’s Green Rides. They were great!”

Marguerite Wagner, Homosassa, FL