Sparky's Green Rides has a full selection of safety gear


Bicycle safety products

A staggering number of people suffer preventable injury every year from bicycle accidents. Bicycle safety and safety equipment are as important as wearing a seat belt in an automobile.

Sparky’s Green Rides has the latest in safety equipment technology in helmets, lights, reflectors, and more.

For our youngest riders, we have training wheels, wrist guards, knee pads, and we can even discuss bicycle safety and it’s importance with your children.

Our friendly staff is here with answers to all your bicycling questions.

Bicycle Safety Is Important

We appreciate customer feedback!

“Florida sandspurs can be hard on my tires so when I have a problem I go to Sparky’s Green Rides for help.”

James Rutgar, Inverness, FL

“I have been riding for years and was glad to meet the people at Sparky’s. They have a nice store and are knowledgeable.”

John Hampton, Sugarmill Woods, FL

“My doctor told me to exercise or my health would get worse. That day I bought a trike from Sparky’s Green Rides. They were great!”

Marguerite Wagner, Homosassa, FL